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Healthy Reasons to Give Persian Food a Shot

Trying some of the best Persian food in an Iranian or Persian restaurant is of the things that should be added in your bucket list before the year ends. All those wonderful flavors and fragrances from these delectable foods will give a superb experience that you will never forget. Just like any other cuisine, Persian food also includes wide variety of vegetables with a combination of herbs and spices like cinnamon, saffron, cumin, and sumac.

Most of the Persian food are grilled which make it a healthy choice to eat. Many people think that these types of food are very heavy because it usually contains rice and meats. Well, it’s not. In fact, Persian restaurant owners could testify that Persian food could be considered as one of the healthiest food around the world.

Rice Shouldn’t be a Problem

People are mostly worried about the rice for their diet. Well, this time they have to know that rice in Persian restaurant is cooked in two processes. These processes make the rice to lose the starch behind on the first boiling period. Then, it eventually gets fluffy during the steaming process. Persian food has the best Basmati rice and a flavor of Saffron which make the dish irresistible.

Famous restaurant owners have shared their best strategies to make Persian food healthy to eat. According to them, they use lime, lemon, onion, and olive oil when marinating Kabob. Kabobs offer several varieties like lamb, beef, salmon, and chicken and these make all the customers love the dish. Rice also offers different flavors like barberry rice, sour cherry rice, lima beans, dill rice, and meat and green beans rice. Persian appetizers are very healthy because it contains herbs, beans and spices, and fresh vegetables.

Food for the Heart

Sumac is a high anti-oxidant spice which added in Persian food. Its tangy flavor can be used as salt or lemon in helping the digestion of the meat as well as lowering the cholesterol in the food. Also, if you have heart disease or high cholesterol, you can choose to eat vegetable or fish kebab because these food has the lowest saturated fat. Having a salmon is also an excellent choice.

Vegetarians can choose to have vegetable kebab as their main dish. You can also have some vegetable side dishes or have a humus or babagnoosh as appetizers. If you are not a cheese lover, you can always ask for the cheese to be removed.

People who are suffering from diabetes can eat kebabs. They can as for vegetables instead of rice to lower the glycemic index of the meal. For the dessert, they can have some fresh fruit instead. Having a mint tea is the best way to end a meal for healthy digestion.

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